Welcome to the 7248 Group

This website is the home of the GB Rendevous. As always, it is not our intent to offend anyone but you must have VERY THICK SKIN. If you are unfamiliar with the group feel free to stop by the frequency and say hello.

v2.0 is here!


This is v2.0 of the 7248 website and it is a work in progress. First of all, thank you Buddy Monroe for all of the time and energy you have spent in keeping our corner of the web going for all of these years.

Don't worry, all of the information from the old site has been archived and is available as a link at the top of each page. There is a lot of history from our group available there!

Please use the "Contact Us" page to send any information or news such as health and welfare to the webmaster.
Also, if you find any broken links be sure to let us know.